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So, here is the story...

Well, you may be asking, why the new site Cory? Or maybe it never even crossed your mind.

I decided to take a little more control of my creative outlets, and started looking around to see what way was best for me to do that, still look great, and allow me a little more control of when and where I let people see my work. Thus, the new site.

It also is significant as I've been struggling with my work lately. I seem to have fallen somewhere in the middle...some people/organizations not liking my work, some thinking that I already have more than enough tools to succeed, so they to others to help and guide. For me, I know I still have so much to learn and see, but I also am confident in my abilities. It won't deter me from moving forward, it just may delay the work a bit.

I've also been struggling with the art world in general. I still get the question 'Do you still make art?' or 'You're an artist? Really?'. Yes...I still make art, and yes, I am an artist. Now, when I get those questions from people outside of the art world, ok, I get that. When I get that question from people inside the art world (and from people that know me), that is hard to take. I may not be the experimental, in your face, question your world type of artist, but I do make art just the same. I'll let you know when I'm done making art, so in the meantime, yes, I am an artist.

So, here is the new site. It's simpler than the previous one, but the idea is to allow me to be closer to those that want to see my work. Let me know what you think. I'll be moving some old content in, but some I'll leave in the past.

Enjoy, and you can tell those that may like the art I make. I just want to share the art.



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