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Mid Winter Musings

Ok, I’ve been holding back lately. Well, a lot maybe. So, respectfully, here goes.

When did words like respect, fair, and intelligence take a back set to neglect, deceitful, and stupidity? Ok, ok, it’s rhetorical. Maybe it’s been like this all this time. Maybe I hope more for my family, friends, and colleagues. Maybe I expect more from my family, friends, and colleagues. Maybe I’m just naive.

Lately, I’ve really tried to sit back and take all things in stride, considering how fortunate I really am. While some out there still don’t get privilege, I understand mine. I’ve seen it. I feel it. But this blog isn’t just about that. I’m also fortunate on where I am in my life and how I’ve come to be here. I’ve experienced a lot, maybe not as much as some, but much more than others. I’ve changed my lifestyle, changed my surroundings, and changed what I do for my life.

But here’s the thing. Given all that, I still am one to have people take advantage of me, what I know, what I can do, and what I have. For the most part, it seems to be fairly petty, and I’ve let a lot slide on by. However, I can only allow myself to be taken advantage of for so long.

I see deceit often in my daily life, and try to challenge the situations that can change. Sometimes it can be very direct, almost like someone either doesn’t get it, or is that delusional because they’ve done it so often that it’s just normal in their life. Either that, or they are just evil.

The definition of stupidity to me is someone doing something so wrong, but seemingly smart enough the they should have known so much better. Example: Don’t ask me why my electronic key card isn’t working on the door, the door that the person is holding, when said door does not have an electronic card reader anywhere on or near it. That is a very mild case. If you cannot do something, just ask. If you have information that may help someone, share it. After all, stupidity is defined as behaviour that shows a lack of good sense or judgment. So, embrace your intelligence, and try to bring it out every chance you get. Otherwise, I just might call you stupid.

Brace yourself for this next section, but keep in mind the words respect, fair, and intelligence. Racism is in our community, and it sucks. Don’t tell the person crying that it doesn’t exist, or that it doesn’t belong in an argument. It does exist and it should be a part of every discussion till it no longer exists…and then we need to keep discussing it so that it doesn’t come back. Also, don’t tell the person that just lost someone to gun violence that controlling weapons doesn’t work. It’s been proven to work time and time again. Throw your stupidity out the window and gain some intelligence. And lastly, don’t complain that if you have to pay someone a living wage, your business will suffer. If you can’t pay someone enough to LIVE, then maybe your business needs some rethinking. Everyone has bills to pay. Everyone needs a place to live. Everyone needs food and healthcare.

As I look back on this blog, it doesn’t really encapsulate some of the feelings I am experiencing, but then again, feelings can get in the way of progress. To those that think I hate them; I don’t hate you, I really don’t. I just may not agree with how you’ve chosen to live your life. To those that know it, but maybe I haven’t said it, I do love you. Truly. To all the rest, and everyone else, let’s make perogies, mmm’kay?

Cheers all and be good out there.

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