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It's What I Do

Hey all!

Ok, so what's with the title? Well, every now and then, I am presented with comments, directed towards me and/or what I've chosen to do with my life, and they seem to not understand that this isn't something I'm doing on the side. This isn't something I'm going to give up. But let me be the first to say, what I do isn't for everyone.

I'm an artist. I take photographs, but maybe not the ones you're thinking of. I go out at night and like to explore the city around me and photograph what I see. I like doing that. It eases something in me, and I enjoy the explorations. I've been able to see things about my city and surroundings that I haven't seen before, even though I may have passed that place a thousand times before.

I'm an artist. I like telling stories of people and the community around me through video. I really like doing this. Sitting down with someone and allowing them to tell me (and the eventual viewers of the video) why they do what they do. We exist in our communities, but do we really live in them? I like bringing those stories out to show people there is more just outside their door than they might realize.

I'm an artist. I write poetry, sometimes a little darker than you may be used to seeing me express. And I like combining that with video lately. It helps me work through thoughts I have and helps me be a better me. I can't control it, most times, the thoughts just come out in the middle of the night and I need to write it out.

So, you see, it's what I do. Yes, there are other jobs I do, but I do them so that I can do what I am passionate about: the photography and videography. That's right, I am passionate about doing this. It's what I've chosen to do.

This seems to be hard for some around me to understand. If it is, ask me about it. While I have had a more 'acceptable' career before, I wasn't happy. While I was financially successful, I struggled with each day. It was hard to get up most days. I needed to make a change, so, I made a choice and changed what I was doing. While I still have struggles, I am much happier now.

So, if you really don't understand what I do, or why I made the change, ask. I'd love to talk to you about it. But, and this will probably be a big 'but' for some, be open to the answer. It may not be what you think, or what you want to hear.

Ciao for now,


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